The first world map

This is the first world map of the Etrakien world. After having finished the Nordhem map I decided that  I needed a map of the whole world, that would make it easier for me to continue creating the story I’ve started to explore.

As you can see from the map not much is kept from this first version (compare with the picture from my earlier post “My world and my maps”). First of all the complete world map is today much bigger, I’m coming to that in a later post. Secondly I didn’t lika a lot of the names of the countries, so they’ve changed.

Some things are still there though. Like Ankh-Bathor that already here is a major trading city that connects the two sides of the world. The Etrakien Empire is also situated south of the city. Krug and Armadien lies next to each other and a lot of the background story of the world was created at this time.

The map was done on paper and scanned to the computer, it was still some time before I discovered the true art of map making in Photoshop.


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