Cartographers guild

In february 2008 something happened that would change my skills and my view of mapping forever. By coincidence, while searching for maps on the internet, I stumbled upon the Cartographers guild’s homepage. And what a treassure it turned out to be.

I must say that of all things I know about mapping I’ve learned 75% since I joined the guild. It is a fantastic site full of information and nice people that are willing to share the knowledge they have.

So if you’ve never visited the site, please do, you wont regret it.


5 thoughts on “Cartographers guild

  1. hi, thanks for sharing all this information about creating maps 🙂 very nice tutorials!
    The link to the cartographers guild doesn’t work (although its clear where you need to go 😉 LOL)
    the current link tries to bring you to: and that doesn’t work. i guess you need to add http:// to make the link work outside the boundaries of wordpress.
    ( )

    • Hi and thanks for spotting the non working link. I added http to it and now it seems to work fine.
      I’m glad you like the page, it is always nice to know that what you do is appreciated.

      • Hi
        Is the cartographersguild site still operating? I have tried several searches & Links but keep getting Error Messages

        Thanks Stepan

      • Thanks for the reply.
        I have managed to get through now.
        Just happened to be the day I found out about them & tried to get onto the site
        for the first time.


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