Etrakien revisited

After having joined the Cartographer’s guild I started on a new version of the Etrakien world. There are probably one or two versions between this version and the one in an earlier post. But they are probably lying forgotten somewhere in a drawer or a box with old stuff on the attic.

Making this map was a big struggle for me. Before this I hadn’t done a complete map in Photoshop so I really had to work things out with trial and error while working. I soon realized that there are some shortcuts you can take and some you can’t.

The mountains for example I tried to do with a pattern in the beginning but I couldn’t make it look any good, I soon realized that patterns where great for some types of terrain and mountains wasn’t one of these. In the end I actually hand draw all of the mountains, I’m still very pleased with the result but I guess that I probably spent nearly half of the total time on the map to finish them.

Another thing I had big problems with was the borders. I think I tried nearly ten different ways of showing the countries on the map. In the end I decided to visualize the countries in different colours, and I think that the end result fits well into the map.

The whole process of learning while working was very time consuming and without all the support I got on my work of process thread at the Cartographer’s guild, the end result never would have been as good as it in the end turned out to be.

After having finished the map I was also honoured to have the map as a featured map on the Cartographer’s guild homepage, and the nice guys over at Profantasy decided to make a style out of it for their Campaign Cartographer 3 program.

So if you want to make a map in the same style just head over to their homepage and have a look at the Annual 2009’s Fantasy Worlds style.

In the end I actually printed the map on a canvas frame, so now I have it on display in my workroom. And I don’t think anyone of my friends understands how much time I’ve put into it and if they did they’d probably think I’m crazy.


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