It’s been a while since last time I made a map. But lately I had some free time and decided to make a small village/town map.

So this is Ferryhill. A small town divided by a large river. The only way to pass the river is to use the ferry, from which the town has got its name. The east side of the river is where the main town is situated, on the western side you have some farms and an observatory.

The town is mainly made in City Designer 3 (CD3) from Pro fantasy and finished in Photoshop. CD3 is a great tool when you want to create a small to medium sized village/town. The drawback is that you’re using predefined styles, this makes it hard to create something with an individual touch, if you only use CD3. That is the reason why I always finish my maps in Photoshop. In this way I can give them a bit more of a unique look.


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