Mapping a small town part 3

Finally it is time to start on the town itself. At the moment we have a road to the north/south and a road to the east. We also have a small fortress where the two rivers combine into one. When you make your town try to look at the terrain you have and visualize how the town might have been built. In this case I started with two bridges that lead to the fortress from both sides. The bridges also have to be connected to the already existing roads. When this is done I have a natural area where my city will grow.

From the outer roads on both sides down to the river I continue to add in some roads to get the right feeling of the town. Here you have to do some trial and error to see what suits your town. Do you want a crowded and dens town or one with more of a village feeling to it, or maybe something in between. Whenever you feel that you are done it is time to add in the houses.

Adding houses is a two step kind of process. I always start with the street tool because it speeds up the process, and I start with the bigger roads. First left click on the street tool, click on the middle of the road where you want the houses to be, click a second time and start placing your houses. In this stage you just want as many houses to be placed as possible, you won’t be able to put houses wherever you want to. In some places the streets are too close to each other, wait with these places, we will fix them in the next step.

When you feel like you’re done you will have something like the picture below. As you can see some areas needs some more houses and some places are too crowded, especially the areas in the outskirts of the town.

The next step will be to delete some of the houses you just made. In some places they might overlap each other or block a road. I also remove a lot of the houses on the roads into town, this will give a more natural look to where the town actually starts. At this stage I also add in more houses one by one. Select the House tool and start to put houses in the town. I try to close off all green areas in the central town that are surrounded by roads. In this way you will create good looking blocks of houses.

I also try to add in some details like squares or temples at this stage. Even though I use City style A for the town I usually use the individual houses from City style B, those look more hand painted, which I like. I’m adding a temple just east of the fortress and two inns. Next to the temple I also put in some forest.

It is very easy to just continue in this way and adding more stuff. I usually try to think logically about what would fit into my town. If I travelled here what would I expect to find? Where do they grow crops? Do they fish? How do people get here, by foot or boat, or maybe both?

I decided to put in some more forest, I mean this is actually a forest town. A small settlement to the east where the fishermen lives, and where you can arrive by boat. I also added a second temple (the temple of the dead with vast catacombs beneath it). On the south side I added a castle ruin (said to be haunted by evil ghosts).

That will be all at the moment, in my next post we will start on the farmland.


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