Mapping a small town part 5

This time we will add some finishing touches to the map in CD3. After that it is time to continue the work in Photoshop. But first things first.

The map we have now includes all the things that you really need so it is time to try to look at it again with new eyes to see if there are things you can improve. First of all I’d like to add a new sheet called TOWER (see the last post on how to add sheets). Towers are generally taller than the walls so they need longer shadows.

In the new sheet I add the following effects, “Glow”, “Glow” and “Wall shadow, directional”. The exact settings in the effects are hard to give, it all depends on the size of your map and what end result you expect. But for reference this is how I set them up:

The easiest thing to do is to try some different values and see how the result turns out. But before you can do that you have to add your towers to the TOWER sheet.

On the left side of CD3 you have a tool called change properties. Click the button and select all your towers in the map. When you mark a tower you will see a white square around it (this means that it is selected). Right click with your mouse and select “Do it” from the pop down menu. A new window like the one below will show up.

Select the TOWER sheet and click OK. This will move all the towers to the TOWER sheet, and they will now be effected by the sheet effects.

Next thing to add are trees. I already have a lot of forest in my map but now it is time to add some individual trees. Click the “All City drawing tools” on the left side, this will open the window below.

Here I select the tool “City tree”. The good thing with this particular tool is that you can decide what size your trees will be in. I add in some trees of different sizes that will make the area look a bit more alive.

At last I’m adding some more houses to the area by the river (where you can suppose that the fishermen lives). The place looked a bit too uninhabited before.

The map is now done in CD3 and it is time to continue the work in Photoshop. But first you need to export two versions of the map. One with all the fields/grass in green and on with all the fields/grass in yellow. When I export my maps from CD3 I’ve found out that you get the best result by exporting them to a Pdf file.

To do this you use the print command in CD3, together with CutePdf or some other program that lets you print to pdf.

The end result will look something like this (In the picture you see half of both pictures, the green and the yellow. As you can see from the layers in Photoshop, that you have two images and a layer mask).

Next time we will do some more editing in Photoshop.


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