This is the finished version of Oddwood, with all the labeling in place.

Oddwood is a small town in the northern parts of the kingdom Armadien close to the eastern mountains that make a natural border to Krug. In the mountains you also have some ruins from the time before the war against the gods, where unknown riches are hidden among dark catacombs and lost temples. Unfortunately for the adventurous visitors there are also all kind of monsters and forgotten demons hiding in the darkness of the place.

If it hadn’t been for the ruins not many people would ever travel to Oddwood. Now there is quite some traffic passing by here. Not everyone comes back from the east though, but the lucky few who return with riches that will last for a lifetime makes sure that more will come an try their luck.

The map is done in City Designer 3 and Photoshop CS5. If you are interested in making a map like this yourself you can read the earlier tutorial on my blog.


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