Mapping a small town part 2

Ok in this part of the tutorial we will concentrate on the town it self. But before we start on the town itself we need to do some changes to the tools we are going to use.

First open the house tool, it is the top one on the left side of the screen. From here you can decide what style you want your house to have and also do some changes to it. First of all press settings on the right side of the screen and a new window will appear. From there you can change the settings of the selected style and create a new one.

In the settings part of the window you can choose different premade house styles, pick one you like to start from. Press save and type the name of your new house style, I called mine CD3 Clercon style. You can call it whatever you like.

Now it is time to change what the house looks like. What I did was to change the roof color to a new bitmap. I picked CD3B_Rough_Red_Roof. I like to have my roofs red, if you look at many old maps of cities you can see that a lot of the times the roofs are red. You can pick the same or try some different bitmap. As you see from the picture below there are a lot of different settings you can change, I’m satisfied with the change I have done and press save in the Settings part of the window before I press OK.

Now when the house style is done it is time to do some changes to the street tool, it is the one just below the house tool. Right click the tool button to open up the settings window.

First of all press the Save button in the Street settings part of the window, type a new name and press save. I called mine CD3B Clercon custom, the name can be anything that you feel is apropriate.

The street options window looks like below and the thing I change is to only have the two top versions of house types, I set both to 50%. You can do the same or try out some different setting to see what you think looks good.

Now it is time to do some changes to the house, how they will appear on the map. Press the button called House settings on the left side and a new window like the one below will open.

From here you can decide the width, length and distance between the houses. You also decide how far they will be from the road. It is quite hard to give any specific settings here. It all depends on how big your map is. So trial and error is what you have to do :).

Some general advice is that the distance between houses is good to set to 1 in both Min and Max if you want a very dens town. Press OK when you’re done.

In my map I have also made a new drawing tool, the bridge. I added a bridge already in the last post but I thought I might show you how I did it. Select drawing tools, in the new window select advanced. This will open a long list with all the different drawing tools that you have. Select a road, I selected Road, Dirt 5′. In the drawing tool select tool properties and the window below will open.

Here I changed the fill style to CD3_Darkwood_Roof Bitmap. Change the width to 7. Don’t forget to save your new tool with a new name, or you will overwrite the road tool.

Thats all for this post, the layout of the town has to wait until next time.