The lands of Dunver

One of the best things that Profantasy has released is in my opinion the Annuals. If you buy Campaign cartographer 3 from the company you get a really great program, but if you want it to shine you really need the Annuals. It’s here that all the gems are hidden, all those great styles that will let you create fantastic maps.

So every year I buy the annuals, of course not all months include a style that I want or need, but you always learn a bit or two from the including pdf, that you will get every month. So if you want to become a better mapper with Profantasy’s products I can really recommend the Annuals.

This year I’ve decided to try to make a map of all styles that are included in this year’s Annual. So every month I will try to make a map of the included style, as long as it is possible. Some months you don’t get a style from which you can create a map, then it is hard to do a map from it.

So this month you got the Overland Satellite style in the annual. I really liked this style, it is very different from the other styles you have in the program, which is refreshing. It also turned out to be a very easy style to work with. The more stuff you put into the map the better it will look.

When you start the map I can recommend that you put in some time while creating the coastline of your continent. As you can see in my example the coastline is a bit too straight. I realized this half way through the map, so I didn’t bother to go back and change it. But if I’d start a new map in this particular style I’d try to make it a bit more uneven.

I also had some problems with the rivers. For some reason, that I don’t know they always turned out much fainter after having exported them via Cute pdf. In the end I increased the glow on them a bit, which made them OK. But if I decide to make a map in the style in the future I probably will make the rivers in Photoshop.

I also decreased the glow you have around the continent, I thought that the original setting was a bit strong, but that is just my taste. I also made the labeling in Photoshop, but the reason for that is mainly that I work so much faster in Photoshop then in Campaign Cartographer 3, so I decided to take the quick path here.

Anyway here is the final result, The lands of Dunver.


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