Ponte Portore

I’ve always been very fond of black and white maps, especially black and white city maps. The reason for this is probably the roleplaying games I played when I grew up. I do still pick up the old adventure books from time to time to look at the maps. Whenever I read new material I always first look at the maps. If the maps are bad I wont buy the product. It’s like with music, a bad drummer (I do play the drums myself) or singer and the band is soon forgot.

In this particular map I used the April Black and White city style from Profantsy’s 2010 Annual. I did however decide to change the default colour of the text to red, from black.  I think that red text on black and white maps look really nice, probably because the first time I saw it was in Silmarillion by Tolkien. It is fun how the things you grow up with kind of becomes so strong in your view of things, never underestimate the power of nostalgia.

After having finished the map in City Designer 3 (CD3) I fiddled with it a bit in Photoshop, I gave it a bit of a texture, in CD3 the map came out a bit too whitish. The texture kind of calmed the white in the map a bit. I also applied the pixel bender oil paint filter, but on very low settings. You can mostly see the effect on the trees. I also put in all the red text in Photoshop, again this could have been done in CD3 as well but I prefer to do it in Photoshop because I get a bit more control there (mostly because of my incompetence to do it in CD3)

Ponte Portore is a small town situated on the road between the cities Pietra and Castelli in Truscia. The town is built around the old stone bridge owned by the family Pontesceau. A family that has built it’s riches on the toll fee they take out on the goods passing the bridge. The family themselves don’t reside in town but on a big farm just outside. Legend say that the Pontesceaus sold their soul to the dark gods of the forest. In return the Gods helped them build the bridge and every hundred years the youngest son in the family have to willingly give himself to them. But who believes in legends…….


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