Deserted Dwarven city

As I wrote in my earlier post I’ve always been fond of underground constructions by dwarves even though I’m not that fond of dwarves, so I like to inhabit their deserted cities with more fun creatures.

This map is an old one I made in Photoshop. It is quite simple and retro in its style but I kind of like the black and white look and feeling of it. Originally it was made for an adventure I was making where the players had to get into the old burial place in the city to retrieve an artifact. The burial site is the oval location on the left side of the map only reachable by water.

The players could take different paths into the city. They could either go from the outside top entrance on the map, or the bottom entrance that is situated in a great cave system. The easiest way though would be to go by the underground river.

The city itself was abandoned by the dwarves a long time ago and now a small clan of goblins and mountain trolls lives there. So the task wouldn’t be very easy for the brave heroes to complete.

Unfortunately the adventure never happened, as many times before it stayed with a map and a synopsis of an adventure. So I can’t tell you if the brave heroes succeeded with their quest or not :).


2 thoughts on “Deserted Dwarven city

  1. Nice map, very Moriaesque. I’d probably cut down on some of the very long corridors, especially in the northenr “city” half of the map, or rather, add some rooms, halls, workshops, etc to them.

    • Thanks for the comment Nils Jeppe. The map is a quite old one so I’m not going to change anything, even though I can agree with your critique. If I had done it today the layout would have been different.

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