Thraalion – World of Fire, Ice, Sun and Darkness

This is the world of Thraalion heavily damaged in the long forgotten war between gods and the humanoid races. Now one side of the world is burning under a constant sun, the other side is swept in eternal darkness and ice. Between these two extremes there is an inhabitable area where there is life, running water, forests and glorious kingdoms.

This is also the home world to the Thraals. A humanoid race that have the strength of three humans and the size of two. But what they have in strength and size they lack in knowledge and intellect. As in all other worlds the humans turned out to be the most adaptive race of all the seven races created by the Archonts in the beginning of time.The Thraals have slowly been forced to move to the lesser attractive areas of the world. The ones that didn’t move have been enslaved and are now working for the humans as cheap and disposable labor.

I’ve had the idea of the world for quite some time, with one side always turned to the sun and the other in constant darkness. Originally I got the idea from an article about the planet  Gliese 581 that was found in 2010. Gliese 581 is one of those planets found that is situated in the so called habitable zone around its sun. The interesting thing with Gliese 581 is that it always has one of its sides turned to the sun, just as the world Thraalion.

The map is made in CC3 using the 2012 April Annual by Herwin Wielink. This is the second map I’m making using this style. I must say that the style is very easy to use with great graphics. This time I also tried to edit it a bit in Photoshop to see if I could improve the result a bit. I must admit that the difference isn’t that big and the Photoshop step feels quite unnecessary using this style. Still if you want a more painted feeling, as in this map,  the Oil paint filter in the Pixel bender add on is the way to go.

In the map I used a font made by the user Terraformer_Author over at the Profantasy forum. The font is called East Anglia and can be found here.


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