Making a boardgame

I like to play boardgames with my kids. Ususally when we play I have to adapt the rules so it works out to play with both a five and a ten year old. Finding a game that both of them likes and understands isn’t always the simplest thing. So I thought why not make a game myself that both of them would like, a game where I make the rules and don’t need to change them all the time. And of course I can make a game where I need to make a map.

Both of them like Pirates so I thought I use that as the theme of the game. First of all I need a board to play on, and a board means a map. Luckily Campaign cartographer 3 has a great treasure map style in the October issue of the 2011 Annual.

I wanted the map to be very clear and easy to understand, nothing complicated. The idea of the game is that everyone will have a ship and a home port. On the map there also has to be several locations where you can find treasures, marked with a cross. When you find a treasure you draw a treasure card that reveals how many coins it includes.

Of course you can also be unlucky and instead of a treasure the card will reveal a buccaneer and all the treasure you still have on board your ship will be lost. When all the treasures are found the game ends and the pirate with the largest treasure is the winner.

Now I just hope they will like the end result 🙂


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