First map made in Artrage

A long time ago before computers all you could do was making maps on paper. When I played RPG’s with my friends during that time I loved doing maps, mostly those where made in inked watercolour. Since then I hardly pick up my analog stuff anymore, it is so much simpler to just do it on your computer. With programs like Photoshop and campaign Cartographer the process of making maps are so much easier.

But sometimes I miss drawing by hand, and Photoshop’s tools just don’t have the right feeling. Luckily enough Jonathan Roberts over at fantastic maps told me about a program called Artrage. It is an illustration program that has an affordable price and a great set of tools to use. Suddenly I’m finding myself drawing again, and it feels like doing it on paper, even though you’re doing it on your computer.

The map included in this post is an example of a quick map of a small village I made in the program while trying to learn it. It is coloured using the watercolour tool which works really nice. It takes some time to learn the way the program behaves but you can find a lot of great tutorials on youtube.  And as soon you get a hang of it, it really works like a charm.


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