Treasure hunting

I have a small treasure chest that I like to fill with gold coins (the chocolate version) and then hide somewhere in the house for my children. They really love a great treasure hunt. And if you’re trying to find a hidden treasure you need a map.

I’ve done map of my house that I use where I’ve put in all the furniture, if a sofa is moved in real life, I move it in the map. In the beginning I just hid the treasure and marked the spot with an X, but nowadays they are too good for that. If I just mark it on the map they will find it in minutes. So now I’ve started with simple riddles and clues they have to solve first, before they can decipher the map.

I’ve also used the treasure map, with a big success, on their birthday parties with friends, and so far I haven’t met a single child who doesn’t think it is a blast to look for treasures.

So who said that you can’t have a practical use in your daily life of you mapping skills?

The map below is a rather quick treasure map of the ground floor of my house that I’ve made in Artrage. The goal here was to keep it as simple as possible but still recognizable for them so they can find the treasure.


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