Artrage saves the day


So finally the style I’ve made for Profantasy has been released. I must say that I am very pleased with the end result and the work the people at Profantasy has done to turn it into a style. It actually feels kind of strange to make a map in CC3 and use graphics you’ve done yourself.

One thing I’ve learned from making the style is that my biggest strength when it comes to mapping is the big picture. With this I mean things like placing terrain in the right places selecting colours that blend good with each other etc. The small things are usually what cause me problems, things like symbols for villages, towns, fortresses and so on.

So in making this style I really had to push myself into areas I’ve avoided earlier and I’ve learned a lot from it. The process actually started some time before Profantasy contacted me about the style. When I decided to start to make more close up maps of the Etrakien world I really had to start to make symbols for cities and villages, but I didn’t feel ok with the things I produced. If you for example look at my Armadien map you can see that all the city icons actually are from different styles in CC3. None of them are my own artwork.

But I felt I had to jump the cliff on this and make some icons on my own. I think the biggest problem I had was to transfer my drawing techniques to the computer. And it was first when I discovered Artrage I felt that the pieces started to fall in place. With Artrage I got the tools that made me feel like I was drawing on paper again, but instead everything was done digitally.

So I started to look through tons of videos on youtube and reading articles about Artrage to learn the program. Of course I also had to do a lot of testing and drawing in the program. But in the end I actually made all the line work for the December style’s symbols in the Artrage, for different reasons I however did all the colouring and shadowing in Photoshop.

So for me working on the December style for Profantasy has really forced me to push my mapping skills to a new level and I now feel much more comfortable when it comes to making symbols for future maps. But you can really say that Artrage saved the day here, so buying that program was probably some of the best money I’ve spent.

The map in the beginning of the post is a map made by Ralf Shemmann and is a remake of a map from the lone wolf adventure books in my style. I feel that it very much accomplish what I hoped for while working on the style. So hopefully some of you who subscribe to the Annuals will find it useful.

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