Mind mapping an adventure

Vadsbro Mindmap
As I’ve stated before I always find it much easier to make a map if I have a story to tell. The story usually give you ideas for details that will lift your map to a higher level and that makes it more interesting and appealing to look at.

Lately I’ve found myself sitting with no ideas what to map, I just felt empty when I tried to come up with an idea. To solve the problem I decided to try to make an adventure. I don’t know if I ever write it down on paper but I felt I had to make a story from which I could get ideas what to map.

When I used to play RPG’s I always enjoyed adventures where the story was kind of free. With this I mean where the player feels he is in charge of what to do and where to go. The opposite would be a more restricted adventure where you go from event one to event two and so on. Of course all adventures are event driven in one way or another, and the story isn’t as free as you want the players to feel. But the important thing here is to make them feel like they can do whatever they want to.

So to make this work out I decided to make a mind map of my adventure, in this way I can easily plan what will happen, what events are linked to each other etc. I also get a clear view of what kind of maps I need to make, which is kind of the reason for the whole mind-map-an-adventure thing.

So what is the story then? The adventure will take place in Armadien in the Etrakien world, in one of its more remote placed towns called Vadsbro. Vadsbro is the central town in one of Armadiens twelve provinces, a province centered on trade with timber, skins and copper. But strange things are happening, there are reports of people gone missing in town and strange sounds can be heard during the nights. North of the town the miners have reported that they’ve seen strange lights in the forest close to the mountain and to the east the Traals are restless and a rumor is around that someone are selling them weapons of steel, which of course is a hefty crime.

The mind map is in Swedish (sorry if you can’t read that) and is made in Visio 2010, a great program for this kind of activity. Now I just need to map all those locations 🙂


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