Maps from the past


When I grew up I used to play a lot of roleplaying games and I still have most of them in a box put away in the attic. Most of the time me and my brother shared the game master role while our friends more liked to play.

I started to play when a Swedish company named Ă„ventyrsspel started up the whole RPG scene in Sweden and quite soon nearly all kids in my neighborhood were into the hobby. Most of the times we played their fantasy game, Drakar och Demoner (Dragons and Demons)

Already by then when I got a new adventure I always started with looking at the maps. I could sit for a long time looking at the different maps just trying to imagine the different places in my head. Best of all were the coloured maps that usually were included in the more costly adventures.

The other day I started to look through my old stuff and found all the old maps and adventures. And I thought it could be fun to try to redo some of the old maps myself in Campaign Cartographer 3. The first map I decided to make was a map of the area Torshem that was from a campaign/adventure. The module mostly described the area and included some adventures that were loosely linked, and then the players very much could just investigate the area and pick up the threads they stumbled upon. I remember the adventure as a very good one that we all enjoyed.

The map is made in the style I made for Profantasy and took me around three hours to complete. I guess that labeling the map in Photoshop took most of the time. The map itself is rather simple with not too many objects in it. It was originally the player map that only shows the known locations, in the game book you had a separate black and white map for the GM showing all the locations.

The map was a great nostalgic trip to do so I’m probably picking up some more maps to redo from old adventures. It is also a great way of practicing you skills in CC3.


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