High sea pirates


In a post last year I showed you a map I made for a boardgame I was working on. Well this Christmas I decided to finish the game together with my kids. First of all we needed some ships to move around so I printed out different ones from a font I got from one of Profantasy’s Annuals.

With the ships in place we tested the game but felt that something was missing. So we decided to add in some chance cards and also made rules for sea battles where you could steal each other’s money. The result was a great success.

We’re all having a blast playing the game and what I realized through making the game is that it’s not that hard to make one. The main thing to think about is to make it simple. Try to hold the rules to a minimum, the more complex it gets the slower it usually plays. Also the youngest one of my kids I’m playing with is five years old, so I have to keep the rules to a minimum to make it fun for her.


I also tried to include the kids in the process of making the game. They helped out with making the cards, laminating the ships, and making up the rules. In this way you naturally will make a game that works for them, and it is also a lot of fun to do something like this together.

The only problem now is that my oldest daughter is demanding a game about fairies like tinkerbelle. So it’s back to the drawing board again for a new game.


2 thoughts on “High sea pirates

  1. This looks like fun, and like the other things you present on this blog, inspirational. I don’t comment on blogs very much since I’m very short on time but I wanted to say that I really appreciate what you share here; it’s certainly a welcome break from my usual day-to-day routine. Thank you!

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