Another trip down memory lane


This is a map I remade in CC3 using the style I designed for Profantasy’s 2012 December annual. The map is a remake of an old campaign map from the adventure “Barbia” for Drakar & Demoner, an old Swedish rpg I used to play.

I have very fond memories from when I played it even though the adventure marked the beginning of the fall for my dwarf character Thror Axebeard. In the end of the adventure he found a magic armor that unfortunately was possessed, and in the end it made him a rather evil dwarf.

The campaign map in the adventure is in Black and white and I thought it would be fun to make a colour version of it. To complete the map I however had to make some new symbols for the style, that is the good thing when you designed the artwork for the style in the first place, you can always add in more symbols if you miss something.

The first symbol was for the old non active volcano in the North West corner of the map. The second symbol is the clouds in the North area of the map. For this I made four different clouds that I used. This area is called “The land of the fire dragons” and is a very misty place that people in the area are avoiding. Of course the villain in the adventure ended up living there, and no trace of dragons.

Below you also have the new symbols I made. You are free to use them as you like, both commercially and for home. You are however not allowed to resell the symbols them self. If you want to share them somewhere else please do so but link back to this post please.

Have fun mapping 🙂



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