The Etrakien Calendar

Book callendar

If you look back in history we have always had systems for how we count time. Days turn to weeks, weeks to months and month to years. When it comes to my Etrakien world I started to think about how they divide the year. An easy way, that many use, is to just convert our calendar to your fantasy setting. Twelve months made up of approximately four weeks.

But I felt I wanted something else, I wanted a system that kind of felt unique for the world, a system that also had some logical connection with the metaphysical universe of the Etrakien world. After some thinking I decided on the following.

The Etrakien universe consists of seven worlds, once created by seven gods called Archonts. These worlds where just bleak copies of the original world, created by the original God. So the numbers seven and eight are very magical for the Etrakien world. Because of this I decided that an Etrakien year consists of seven months that all have seven weeks. Every week has seven days which makes the total number of days per year to 343.

But every seventh year there is an extra week of seven days called the eighth year. Those eight years will together build up what is called a cycle. So when you ask a person in Etrakien what exact day it is he will answer something like this, – It is the fourth day of the third week in the fifth year of the 28th cycle.

When I was thinking of the calendar I also thought about the moon.  The moon has always been important and we generally have had a good knowledge of the moons cycle. How many days it is between the full moons and so on. In the Etrakien world there are actually two moons. One moon has a cycle of 28 days between its full moons, the second one can only be seen during the eighth year, and is regarded as a very strong foreteller of how the next cycle of eight years will turn out.

The very few times that the two moons will be full together during the eighth year are regarded as times of great change to come. How often that happens however I still have to count on 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Etrakien Calendar

  1. Interesting! I had reason to create a calendar for my campaign world too. Unlike you, I decided to have the calendar mirror our own — I want the players to have an instinctive feeling for what time of the year it is.
    I did make it a bit more unique by having twelve months of thirty days each, with five ‘nameless’ days in between years. That way, the middle day of the five nameless days is the winter solstice and the last day of the sixth month is the summer solstice.
    I might do something interesting with those five days, to make the culture more vivid.

    Since my blog is a campaign blog, I want to display the current in-game date on the homepage, but I have to do some hacking before that works. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. It is always interesting to see other solutions to the same problem. I don’t think you can do right or wrong here, you just need to find some sort of logic that will work in your world.

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