Another style coming up

Example map

Lately I’ve been working hard on a new style for Profantasy. As you can see in the test map of the style it is a black and white style that hopefully will work very well in print.

I have always been very fond of the old fantasy maps like the ones you found in the hobbit and the lord of the rings, black and white and very clean looking. Recently I’ve also made some old school dungeon maps so I thought that I’d like to have a black and white style that would work with these.

First I only had some mountains, forest and rivers and simple icons for cities/towns but when I was asked by Profantasy if I could turn it into a style for them I decided I had to expand the number of symbols and textures that could be used. I’m still convinced that you should keep things as simple as possible with this kind of maps, this is really a style where less can be more. Let the negative space in the map do its job. But now this one won’t be just for me, and there might be a million reasons why someone wants to include some symbols that I wouldn’t. So I decided to work through the list of symbols that are the most common in the styles released by Profantasy. Then everyone can decide for them self what to include.

The first map I made in the style had quite a lot of water in it, and while looking at the map I felt that the water area of the map was a bit empty compared to the land area with all its symbols of trees, mountains and hills. So I decided that I would add in some monsters like you have in old maps. The inspiration to the included monsters is from an old Swedish map called the Carta Marina. In this map the sea is full of strange and scary monsters and snakes. Of course there had to be a ship or two as well that fearlessly sails through these dangerous waters.

Making these monsters and ships has been a great challenge for me, I haven’t done anything like it before and I really had to push myself to the next step to make them. But it has been great fun and I must say that the monsters are probably the symbols I’ve enjoyed the most to make in this style. They’ve also inspired me to some more ideas for future maps, but more of that in a later blog post.

The style is not completely done yet, I still have some small things to finish up and I need to make a compass and a scale bar. But you should all be able to see the finished result this summer, if you subscribe to the Annuals.


8 thoughts on “Another style coming up

    • Thanks for your comment. The maps was the first thing I loved about Lord of the rings as well. Without them I probably never would have read them 🙂
      This is the only map that exist in the style at the moment, apart from that it is only symbols and textures. But hopefully more people then I will make a map with them when it comes out in the annuals from Profantasy.

      • Do you know what month this will be an annual for? I’m about ready to start a new map and was leaning towards doing a black and white style…love this one.

      • Helle Geoff,
        I’m glad you like the style. As far as I know it Will be now in June or July, it is up to Profantasy to decide.

  1. Like you and AncientToaster it brings back fond memories of Middile Earth maps and the mental exploring I did with them. I really like what you’ve done with this style and look forward to its release.

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