This is a map I’ve made for the site erebaltor.se. It depicts the main city and capital in the country Jourdashur. It is a kind of fantasy Viking setting with much of the inspiration taken from old Nordic myths and history.

The World Ereb Altor was originally created by the Swedish RPG company Äventyrsspel in the late 80’s and in the northern part of the world the Viking like country Jourdashur was placed. After something like ten years the development of the world stopped and in the end even the company Äventyrsspel seized to exist. And with that the story of Ereb Altor could have come to an end.

But some years ago I discovered that some old gamers had started the site erebaltor.se where they continued to develop and explore the world. Since Ereb Altor had been the world where I started out as an adventurer when I started to play RPG’s I was really glad to discover that someone was still working on it. And when they asked me if I could help them out with some city maps I gladly accepted. It actually felt a bit like coming home.

The map itself was made in both City designer 3 (CD3) from Profantasy and Photoshop. First I got a sketch of the map that gave me the overall layout of the place, I then started in CD3 by marking out the terrain and sea, put in all the roads and began on adding all the houses. One of the challenges with the map was that the city is surrounded by hills, and I’m not too fond of the default tools for making hills in CD3, so I decided to make those in Photoshop.

When all houses and streets where done in CD3 I exported the map and opened it up in Photoshop. Now I added the hills, the palisade and the labelling. As always I also worked a bit with the colours of the map as I find the default colours in CD3 to be too bright. At last I created a new border where I got the inspiration from some old Viking patterns.

I really like to create cities, they take a lot more time then making world maps, but they also give more back. I always try to see the town in front of me while mapping, trying to imagine what it would be like to walk down the streets or sailing in to the harbour after a long trip on the sea. Cities have always fascinated me and mapping them is great fun.


6 thoughts on “Halle

  1. Very cool site and really inspirational. I am about to embark upon a home grown Dungeon World campaign and our group has inspiration for more of a imagined setting with more emphasis on fantasy Vikings, etc. your maps just struck a chord in that regard.

    Awesome blog and thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi, found you blog. Very nice. I love your work and the maps. Is it possible to wrote me an e-mail? I have 2 questions and maybe you have some Minutes to help me. Thanks (Markus.dreblow@gmx.de)

  3. Hello! Quick question. Would you mind terribly if I used some of our work in our campaign we are filming for youtube? I’d give you full credit and link your blog. Thank you either way. Your stuff is amazing!

    • Hello David! As long as you only use it in your privatr games (and that includes if you broadcast it on youtube) I’m ok with it.
      And please link to the site.

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