The Annual September style

Two kingdoms

This month saw the release of a new overland style in the monthly annual from Profantasy. This style was made by TJ Vandel, or Schwarzkreus as he is known as over at the Cartographers guild. The style itself is lovely with a very handmade feel to it. It is quite sharp in its details and it feels like the symbols are made with a pen on paper.

In the style you have an astonishing amount of mountains and hills to choose from. This is a style that crave a lot of mountains. They feel like the soul of the style. If you’re not going to use them you can as well just use another style. This style wont come to its full potential if you don’t use mountains in it.

Apart from the mountains there are some nice textures of deserts, open plains, fields and more. You also get some really nice cities, castles and more to place in the map.

The only thing I’m feeling very divided towards in the style is the sea texture. To be honest I can’t really decide if I like it or not. The sea texture is very colourful compared to the rest of the textures and this makes it take over the map a bit. At the same time it is the seas that makes the style unique compared to other styles. I guess I’ll use it in some maps in the future, but in some others I might try something else for the seas.

The style was very easy to use and you can, thanks to the shear amount of symbols, very quickly make large mountain areas. So you can without a problem make a map in an evening if you need to, and the finished result is gorgeous. I’m definitely going to use it in more maps in the future.

In the map I picked another font though then the recommended one. I didn’t like the included one in the style, but that might just be me. And one of the good things in CC3 is that If you don’t like the default font you can just pick another one.


4 thoughts on “The Annual September style

  1. I agree with the sea texture… it’s just a bit to much. The rest of the map is a bit soft and grey-ish, and the bam! there’s that blue sea. But still, the rest of the style is very nice!
    (I’m still not sure if I’ll purchase this year annual, but I have to say, there are some pretty nice things comming out)

    Thanks for the review!

    • Thanks for your comment Levi,and yes the style is very nice. Regarding the sea I still have mixed feelings about it. At the moment I’m trying a new map in the style and will add another texture for the sea. I publish it here on the forum when it is done so you can see the difference.
      And I’m sure you will buy this years annual when you see my upcoming style for it 😉

      • If I had to use this style for a map, I would probably use a filter to change the colour of the ocean to a darker grey like a stormy sea (and a bit like the colour of the mountains, perhaps).

      • Thanks for your comment. I have actually experimented a bit with the sea texture in this annual and in my latest map I think I got a really good result. The map will be published soon on the blog, so stay tuned.

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