The One Ring

The other day I bought the RPG The One Ring from cubicle 7, which I kind of fell in love with. Growing up with Tolkien on my bedside I was really thrilled finding this game that really nurtures the world of middle earth, really showing respect to the heritage.

Well I’m not going to talk about the rules of the game, that I kind of like as well, but more about the maps. I think the maps in the game are absolutely fantastic. I like the simple lines that gives a very clear picture of the place it depicts, but at the same time leaves some parts to your imagination.

One thing I’ve realized while making maps is that sometimes less is more when it comes to mapping. Leaving out details can actually in the end give you the feeling of more details in the map. This is a thin line to walk and it’s not always the right thing to do. But for the setting in The One Ring I think that the maps are absolutely spot on.

Inspired by the maps in the game I decided to try out something similar. This is a map of a small village divided by a ferry crossing. Nothing spectacular but a quick and simple training map. And I think I will continue down this path because something grand might come out of it in the end.


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