Photoshop brushes

overland sketch test

As you might know from reading my blog I’m drawing all my maps digitally, especially since I acquired my Wacom Cintiq. An important key while working digitally are brushes. Good brushes is usually the key to a great map. Well that is not completely true some talent for mapping is usually quite good to have as well.

The default brushes that are included in Photoshop are good to work with to a certain degree. But after a while you start to notice that you wish that they behaved differently from what they do. Especially what I miss is how they respond to pressure. Or simply put they don’t respond in the same way as a real pen or pencil does.

But the other day I found some great brushes over at the site They have two interesting brush sets for Photoshop for sale. One is a set of brushes for inking and the other one is pencil brushes that are great for sketching.

After downloading the two brush sets I tested them out and I must say that I am very please with how they behave. Especially the the pencil brushes are great and really give you the right feeling when it comes to pressure. I can really recommend them and at the top of this post you see a quick map I made with one of the pencil brushes. Nothing fancy really, but I can certainly see a great potential in the brushes, and I suspect I’ll be using them a lot in the future.


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