Mouse Guard


One of my favorite comics is Mouse Guard by David Petersen. Everything in the comics from art to story are done to perfection and it is a real treat to read the stories about the small mice and their adventures.

Some months ago I learned that there also is a RPG based on the books. Since it seems to be impossible to get a hold of the rules in a physical copy I had to make do with the pdf. But that worked out ok as well.

The rules in the game are very good and straight forward and quite quickly I felt that this might be something I could play with my children. I probably have to simplify the rules a bit for them, but playing as mice battling snakes and bats could make up some great stories for them.
The biggest problem though is that the game is in English, so I have to translate it for them. The first thing to do of course had to be to make a map of the Mouse Guard world in Swedish.

The map in the post I entirely made in Photoshop and is based on the original map by David Petersen. It was great fun to make and translating all the names into Swedish was a bit of a challenge.

Now I just have to convince my children that we have to play this, and of course I also have to finish simplifying the rules. Or I might just switch the rules to something that is already available in Swedish that we can use.

4 thoughts on “Mouse Guard

  1. Peterson just did an extended bestiary for Torchbearer, which is the simplified version of the Mouse Guard RPG that Luke Crane put out for a more generic fantasy setting. If its too difficult for your kids, you might be able to rework those mechanics instead.

  2. I forgot if you worked on it or not but either way. You can use Fantasy!-rules. The rules are simple and the “rulings instead of rules”-style might fit for kids as they make up a lot of fun things.

    • I’m actually doing that 🙂
      In the end they wanted to play in Tolkiens Middle earth. I finished reading the Hobbit for them so when I bought the one ring rulebook they wanted to play that rather then mouse guard. At least there is already a map I can use in that game.

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