Making a quick border in Photoshop

Sometimes when you use Photoshop you discover ways of doing things that you didn’t even know were there. One tool I’ve used a lot is the fill tool (edit/fill), usually to just fill areas with a colour. But the other day I discovered that you actually can do a lot more things with the fill tool then just fill in colour. One of the new cool things you can do is to make quick borders.

To make a border with the fill tool you start by clicking edit/fill so that the fill window opens. In the Fill window under Contents/Use you select pattern from the drop down menu.

This will extend the window with a new option called scripted patterns. From the new drop down menu you select picture frame and click OK.

A new window will open where you can change the settings for the frame you are just about to create. I prefer the frames that start with the number 34 and up. Simple ones that fit well with maps. The other ones are a bit too intricate for my taste, but they might work well if you want to add a frame to a photo or something. When you are satisfied with the way your border looks just click OK.

And this is how the finished result looks

It is always fun when you discover new ways of doing things, especially when they are as easy as this.

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