Turning my children into monsters

At the moment I’m working on a commission for the RPG 13th age from Pelgrane press. It is a fun commission that includes both a city map and quite many location maps.

One of the challenges in the commission is to add in symbols for characters and monsters. These are supposed to be from a top down perspective. Which is quite obvious if you want them to work with the maps.

Well I must admit that making symbols of characters from a top down perspective isn’t the easiest thing to do. Luckily for me I have three children that gladly wants to help their dad out. So they quickly assembled all the swords, helmets and other necessary things from their play room while I collected a camera and a stair for me to climb up on while photographing.

We actually had a great time while they pretended to be orcs, witches, guards, zombies and dead adventurers. Later on I used the pictures to be able to draw the symbols on my computer, like the one at the top of this post.

Next step will probably be to collect all their toy animals and start photographing them as well, who doesn’t need a horse, Cow or a dinosaur in their map 🙂