Trying out the Apple pencil


So this weekend I took the train the the apple store we have in Malmö to finally have a chance to try out the apple pencil. After having read Jonathan Roberts review of the pencil and the ipad pro my expectations where really high. And I must say that my first impression (after 15 minutes of use in the store) is very positive.

The pressure sensitivity and precision seems to be on par with my Cintiq I use at home. The only negative thing I felt was that the lag was a bit bigger on the ipad pro then what I get with my Cintiq 13hd. But I assume that was due to that the only demo program they had was photoshop sketch and from what I’ve read the lag should be much less in programs like procreate and paper 53. Still the lag is minor so the program still works fine to use for drawing. So I don’t really see that as a problem.

I will definitely pick this up next year when some map money arrives, I can really see how the ipad and pencil will work great as my portable drawing solution to use when I’m travelling. Whenever I get my hands on it I will put up a review here on the blog.


5 thoughts on “Trying out the Apple pencil

    • Well I’m glad that my very short review could be helping. I’m hoping to get a more thorough one up soon.
      And yes it is fantastic. I love drawing on it 😊

    • I’d start with Gimp or any other free drawing program, or if you can find an old version of Photoshop on ebay. Also if you want to draw maps digitally you really need a stylus.
      If you don’t want to draw everything by hand but instead want to use pre made symbols I can recommend Profantasy’s products. Their CC3+ program is really good and easy to use. But it will cost you some money. Also never underestimate the power of old fashioned pen and paper 🙂

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