My maps

If you don’t feel like reading all my posts but still want to see the different maps, well this page is for you. Click on the images to get to a larger version of the map.

Early map of the Etrakien world

One of the first villages made in CD3

The first digitally made map of the Etrakien world

One of the earlier maps in CD3 where I’m starting to find “my” style of village mapping

The final version of the Etrakien world

This is a test to make a village map by night

Oddwood – my tutorial map for mapping a CD3 village

My regional mapping style is taking shape

My latest regional map of a part of the Etrakien world

This is a test of a monthly style from the annuals

A large city made in CD3.

I really like the classic black and white city maps

One of my first DD3 maps. Trying to learn the program

An old map of a deserted Dwarven mine, made in Photoshop

This is a test map of a city style from the annuals

This one I’m really pleased with. Finally CD3 is starting to behave the way I want it to

A quick map made for a game with my kids

This is the campaign map for my kids game

Thraalion – a sister world to the Etrakien world

This is a test map for the perspectives style that came with the 2012 annual

Making a board game to play with my family

Underground map of my house that I made for my son

Early map of the Ankh-Bathor area in the Etrakien world

Early map of northern Krugland, an area I’ve now removed from the world

This map makes me want to spend more time in DD3, the possibilities…

A test map of an Annual style 2012

The first map in my new regional style

Another map for a game session with my kids

A very old old school map

The town of Kizik in Krug in my fantasy setting the Etrakien world
Map I made while learning CD3
Kartotum, a commissioned map I made for
Campaign map for my Campaign/adventure Vadsbro
Remake of an old map from the adventure Torshem
Map of Vadsbro, main town in my RPG campaign
Remake of a map from the adventure Barbia
Map of the Town Farjvad from my RPG campaign

13 thoughts on “My maps

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  2. These are awesome! I’m very impressed.

    I just thought I’d mention this: are you aware that your name doesn’t appear anywhere obvious on your site, and there is no “about” page or anything to let us know who you are? I wanted to pin some of your maps to Pinterest, but I can’t even give you credit.

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  4. Wow. These are so… expressive! That’s the only word i can think of to describe it. Each one is clear and obvious, but there’s something unique in almost all of them. Every single one of these maps makes me want to start up a new game based around them!

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