First time in print

As you might have read in an earlier post here on my blog I made a colour map for a Swedish RPG called Fantasy!. After finishing the colour map I was asked if I could do two black and white maps for an upcoming Monster book for the game. The maps should be old school, which means no grey scale. Of course I accepted the offer, making old school maps is kind of fun I think. It is a bit challenging but if you succeed the result is very rewarding.

The maps I was supposed to do was one of a cave system behind a waterfall and lake and one of a cellar in a castle where the players had to break out from the cells where they were imprisoned. The map at the top of this post is of the cave system, but without any numbers.

So this is actually my first maps I’ve done that have made it all the way to a printed publication. I still haven’t seen the book but I’m eagerly waiting for it to arrive in my mail.

The map itself is made in Artrage which I prefer when I do maps “by hand” on the computer. It is a bit more forgiving then Photoshop when it comes to drawing straight lines.




I was really looking forward to this month’s annual (April, 2013) by Jonathan Roberts. His earlier ones are two of my absolute favorites.  I must say though that at first I was a bit disappointed when I looked at this month’s style. If you look at the earlier overland map annual he made the symbols are in my opinion some of the best ones I’ve seen so far published by Profantasy. Every mountain, city and hill icon are like small pieces of art, and the new symbols in this month’s annual doesn’t really reach the same standard. Still they are looking great and a there are a lot of useful symbols that I missed in the first overland style from Jonathan, like the cliff edges. The thing here is that Jonathan has spoiled us with such great maps and products that the expectations you have on a new style from him are probably impossible to live up to.

Already before I received this month’s style I had decided on making a map in the style to try it out. Some time ago I was asked if I could make a colour map of the campaign world from a Swedish old school RPG called Fantasy! (great game by the way), so I thought it would be a great way trying out the new style. In the end I however used more symbols from the old overland style then the new one, but some crucial pieces in the map are from the new one.

As always it is easy to quickly build up a map in CC3, as long as you do it in the right order. I think that one of the great advantages of CC3 is that it lets me make maps in styles I normally can’t. For me to make a map in the same style as Jonathan Roberts without CC3 would take ages, if it would be possible at all. Now I can accomplish it in about a day’s work, which is absolutely amazing.

As always when I work in CC3 I like to bring up the map in Photoshop to make it more unique and give it a bit of a personal touch. This time I’ve added some colours, especially around the area called Ankhar on the map, and I also painted the rivers in Photoshop. I wanted the rivers to be more irregular in form then what you can get in CC3.

I’m very pleased with the result and now with more symbols to use with the new style from Jonathan I definitely think I will return to this style in a not too distant future.