Old school dungeon

There is something special with simple maps. Making a simple map can be much harder than making a complicated one. I love making maps that show a lot of details, where you can see the furniture in the rooms, what’s on the tables, blood on the floor etc. But sometimes you just want to do something old school, something simple and elegant.

Making it simple means that you have to leave a lot of the details out, you can’t hide behind a lot of good looking graphics. At the same time a simple map can be just as good looking as a complicated one. You let the user populate the map in his mind instead of feeding him all the details.

This particular old school map is from an old adventure I once started on but that I never finished. The adventurers had to find the lost grave of a necromancer and retrieve an artifact for their employer. Everything else in the grave they could keep to themselves. To find the location of the grave they had to travel to different islands for clues.

A quite standard old school scenario that needed some old school maps.