Bad bad Wacom


Some months ago I bought an Intuos creative stylus 2 from #Wacom. Well the first impression was that it didn’t work very well, especially the offset from where you where drawing was too big.

But the pen was new and not many programs supported it on the ipad yet. Especially I waited for procreate to support it. Well at last the support is there, or to be more exact, the pen is unsupported but works in the program.

So the big question is it any good?

Well I’m really sad to say that this probably is the biggest piece of crap that I have ever bought for my mapping. I would actually not recommend it for anyone at its current state.

Or as Procreate writes on their forum;
“We’ve been working with Wacom for several months in an attempt to resolve these issues, but unfortunately there isn’t a solution. Wacom have acknowledged that the WICS 2 suffers from severe offset and line staircasing, and so we’ve had to make the difficult decision to not support the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2.”

At the moment the pen doesn’t live up to anything that Wacom promises, and it really makes me angry. Don’t really know where to go from here, but I sincerely hope that Wacom will fix this in the end. But at the moment I’m stranded with a piece of hardware that I cannot